Light Rail and Street Car Reach Capitol Hill; Bus Routes Update

On March 19, Sound Transit celebrated the opening of the new Link Light Rail stations that serve Capitol Hill and Husky Stadium. Metro bus changes that accommodate this new addition to the transit system were implemented on March 26. These along with the addition of the First Hill Street Car certainly have added options to how we get from place to place via transit, but community members who do not carefully follow transit maybe feeling a bit confused or overwhelmed. Below is quick summary of changes in our area along with information on where to find the details for the entire system.

Changes to Metro bus service for the Capitol Hill and Central area are as follows: • Route 43 service has become a 30-minute peak- period service period service on weekdays • Improved frequency on routes 8, 12, 48, and 49 • Both routes 8 and 48 have been split • Route 10 has been revised to serve the Capitol Hill Station and the Summit neighborhood via E John Street and E Olive Way. 

There are many more updates throughout the entire system.  Please visit Metro’s website for further information:


How will bus service change when Link light rail comes to Capitol Hill and the UW?

Have a Say between now and March 31

Link light rail is coming to Capitol Hill and Husky Stadium in early 2016. Metro and Sound Transit have developed two alternative concepts for how buses could work with light rail. These concepts include new and improved connections and changes to make transit more efficient, reliable, and easy to use.

Do you use or want to use transit in Capitol Hill, the University District, northeast Seattle, Eastlake, Madison Valley, the Central Area, Montlake, South Lake Union, or along SR-520?

Tell us what you think about the two alternatives:

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Tell us how you might use these alternative concepts and how you would make them better. Your input will help shape our proposal. You will get an opportunity to comment on that proposal in May before King County Council and the Sound Transit Board make decisions about what bus changes will be made after Link light rail service comes to Capitol Hill and the UW.

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