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Work for Safe Walks to School at Bailey Gatzert

On March 15, Squire Park Community Council members participated in a walk with representatives of the Greenways, First Hill and Bailey Gatzert School to work on ensuring a safe walk to school for Bailey Gatzert students.  As Brie Gyncild of Greenways stated, the goal of Safe Routes to School is to make it safe and comfortable for students to walk or bike to school from anywhere within the school's designated walk zone. Bailey Gatzert is located in a particularly challenging area, and we don't expect to solve all the problems this year. Our goal for the walk is to identify the easy fixes - minor changes that the Seattle Department of Transportation can make immediately - and the top three engineering priorities. Then, as a community, we'll need to work with SDOT to secure state, federal, and other funding to address those priorities.

Please watch for updates and information on how the broader community may be involved in advocacy and implementation.



Wanting to offer your support to the incoming Kindergarteners and First Graders at Bailey Gatzert? You can make a tax deductible donation. Any amount helps.

Last summer, neighbors along with the Urban League of Seattle, the Chinatown Rotary Club and your Squire Park Community Council raised over $1,200 to support literacy for incoming Kindergarten and First Graders at Bailey Gatzert Elementary. In coordination with Seattle University’s Bailey Bears Read at Home Program, Literacy Kits are donated to students and their families, many of whom may not have English as their first language.
Commenting on the program, one Bailey Gatzert teacher mentioned, “Sometimes families send their children to school, and they think, ‘everything is going to be done there, and my child is going to learn how to read, and my child is going to succeed in school’. But I think because we’re giving families things to use in the home, in a way, we’re honoring them, and we’re saying, ‘it takes a village’, and we’re going to do our best at school, and we’re going to give you these items to help you help your child at home.”

It takes a village! You can make a donation by bring cash or check to the Squire Park BBQ or mail donations to:

Attn: Sally Haber
Seattle University
901 12th Ave
PO Box 222000
Seattle, WA 98122-1090



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