You can have a say in the Neighborhood Park and Street Fund

The Neighborhood Park and Street Fund provides funds annually to neighborhoods for small-scale improvements to streets and parks. In the past, the Neighborhood District Councils reviewed proposed applications and selected three projects to forward to Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) and Seattle Parks and Recreation (Parks) for feasibility and cost analysis. District Councils, Parks, and SDOT then recommended the projects for funding, and the mayor made the final decision. As of 2017, this program was been folded into the City of Seattle's Participatory Budgeting.  Process City Council, and community members will be voting in June on projects within their city council district. Details may be found at

The deadline for submissions has passed, but any community member may apply to be on the project development teams who transform the ideas into solid projects for voting within their city council district. To apply, fill out the form found after you click “Learn more” under Project Development on the website.

All who live, work, go to school, receive services, volunteer, or have a connection to the City of Seattle will be eligible to vote once during June. Voting will take place on multiple days, locations, and formats, which may include schools, community centers, and digital/online voting.


A list of the ideas submitted this year can be found under Idea Collection on the website. To see the 2016 awarded projects list, go to


InspireSeattle: Tools to Simplify Activism

InspireSeattle's vision is to create connections and better communities through activism. InspireSeattle's mission is to provide a fun, supportive gathering for people who care deeply about our community, our country and our planet. They embrace progressive policies that improve our society and protect our environment.

INSPIRE Seattle has updated the simple tools on their website to assist all in remaining active and keeping our community safe.  They have added the ability for you to join a greater-Seattle-area hate crime Rapid Response Network run by Hate Free Delridge and supported by InspireSeattle.  Please sign up! 

Links for all items below can be found on the "Get Involved" page of the InspireSeattle website:

  • Sign up for the Rapid Response Network here.
  • Find Contact Information for elected officials here.
  • Find information and easy ideas for action here.


First Place School Monthly Fish Fry Fundraiser: Friday, April 21--DELICIOUS!

Looking for an easy Friday night dinner at a decent price with profits to benefiting a worthy cause? Well, look no further than First Place School’s monthly Fish Fry Fundraiser. Pre-order your meal online ( and either pick it up to-go or stay and dine with your neighbors. Either way, the food is Delicious! Getchasome! Located at the corner of 20th & Spruce, First Place School is a primary school that provides culturally competent educational services to students from the Neighborhood and the Greater Seattle Area. Come for the food, get a tour of the historic building, and meet your neighbors. That's a win-win-win! See you there!





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