A Mural for the Central Area

At the December Leschi Community Council Executive Board Meeting, Tom
Goedde from Mt. Baker, Lawrence Pitre, Director of the Central Area
Chamber of Commerce and Stephanie Tschida presented the idea to create
a giant mural on the retaining wall on the corner of 31st and Jackson.

The wall is a perfect candidate for a mural depicting the rich
cultural history of Leschi and the Central Area. Tom, Lawrence and
Stephanie put out a few proposals of ideas for what to put on the
wall, though the most important aspect of it is to get community
involvement in the creation of this work of art. We want to engage the
community and help make this wonderful art project be a beacon of
cooperation for all of us in the Central Area.

The group mentioned the work of the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program
and how they have modelled a way to garner deep community involvement
in public arts works. We would seek out a similar model for developing
this wall. You can read more about the Philadelphia Mural Arts Project
and their process at https://www.muralarts.org/.

There is a long road ahead for the group to make this project a
reality. They will have to work with the local communities, the
Department of Neighborhoods and the City Council to get support and
funding for the wall. The group is planning on more public
presentations and seeking funding opportunities through grants and

One interesting aspect of the wall is the idea to make it an augmented
reality project. The concept is that you would use your mobile device
to view a part of the mural to get more details of the history the
mural is portraying. The team anticipated that local High School
students in the area could help out, not only with painting and
designing the wall, but creating the accompanying app to digitally
enhance the mural experience.

It is important to note that at the December meeting the Leschi
Community Council Executive Board did not have a quorum and thus could
not support the mural project officially yet, but we anticipate much
excitement from the community in the upcoming months as Tom and his
team foment interest around the city to make this a reality.

If you are interested in getting involved, contact Tom Goedde at
goeddeUP@gmail.com for details, and let’s work to bring some beautiful
community-driven art into the public spaces of Leschi!



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