Councilmember Kshama Sawant will be Here!

Make this your conversation with Councilmember Sawant about city government, our vision and her vision. If there are specific issues that you would like addressed, she asks that you submit them in advance in order to use her time with us as efficiently as possible(Send to board@squireparkcc.orgor  She has been chair of Energy and Environment Committee and will chair the new Human Services, Equitable Development, and Renter Rights Committee. Councilmember Sawant will oversee Council’s work on issues relating to services provided by the Human Services Department, includingprograms that meet the basic needs of the most vulnerable people in our community. The committee will also consider matters involving public health and Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD), which allows law enforcement officers to redirect low-level offenders engaged in drug or prostitution activity to community-based services. The committee will also focus on renter rights, including but not limited to legislation intended to protect renters facing gentrification, economic evictions, excessive background checks, and unaffordable rent. 

Puget Sound Advocates for Retirement Action (PSARA) is also on the agenda.  There will be time for community conversations and connections as we elect new board members. With a new mayor and city council there is opportunity to bring agenda items forward now. 

Please let us know any other items that you might want to have some time to address.  Neighborhood connections are the most important to the relevancy to a community council. 




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