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If there was ever any doubt, it’s now gone: President Trump’s policies result in those who need the most receiving the least. This is especially true of the immigrant community. Men and women who came to the US looking to build a better life are finding themselves to be the targets of unjust policies and hateful rhetoric. Yet even as this injustice grows, we are surrounded by strongholds of progressive values.

Casa Latina is one of those strongholds. Casa Latina is a vibrant, immigrant worker rights organization that empowers low-wage Latino immigrants through employment, education, and community organizing. Programs include day labor and housecleaning dispatch, English classes, job skills and safety trainings, and community organizing for almost 750 worker members—all of these take place at Casa Latina’s three-building campus at the southern edge of Squire Park and are now, more than ever, essential to helping immigrants in our community feel welcomed, safe, and empowered.

Since President Trump’s inauguration, Casa Latina staff have organized know your rights workshops and immigration forums to educate its members about how to protect themselves and advocate for themselves. This and other work supporting the immigrant community will continue indefinitely, but it’s not possible without considerable support. If you are interesting in contributing to Casa Latina’s work, please consider:

  • Donating at Your gift fuels Casa Latina’s work welcoming, defending, and empowering Latino immigrants in our neighborhood.
  • Hiring a worker at you hire an immigrant worker from Casa Latina, you hire him or her with dignity at a fair, living wage. This act of solidarity with the immigrant community puts dollars directly in the pockets of those who need them.
  • Finding Casa Latina on Facebook at to learn more about their work and to be connected with opportunities for action.

While the current political climate attacks the immigrant community, THANK YOU for raising it up and celebrating it as irreplaceable and essential to the prosperity of our neighborhood, city, and country!



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