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Squire Park is a district in the city of Seattle, in the US state of Washington. Squire Park is bounded on the south by S. Jackson Street, on the west by 12th Avenue and 12th Avenue S., on the north by E. Union Street, and on the east by 23rd Avenue and 23rd Ave S., placing it within what are commonly thought of as First Hill and the Central Area. Its main thoroughfares are E. Jefferson and Cherry Streets and E. Yesler Way (east- and west-bound) and 14th Avenue (north- and south-bound). Swedish Medical Center’s Cherry Hill campus is located here. As a part of Seattle’s Central Area, Squire Park is among the oldest residential areas in the city. This long and rich history has led to a diverse community, influenced both by the Capitol Hill and International District neighborhoods to the north and south, yet still strongly interwoven into the fabric of the Central Area. With this diversity, along with relatively affordable housing and easy access to downtown Seattle, Squire Park remains one of Seattle’s most significant residential neighborhoods. A few of of the local restaurants that Squire Park is famous for:


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